We connect B2B writers with subject matter experts on sales, marketing, HR and more.

Help a B2B writer connects content creators with subject matter experts. It's like HARO but purpose-built for content marketers.

Here's how it works

Help a B2B Writer is like Help A Reporter…only better. Instead of getting a barrage of requests you’re not interested in, and a bunch of responses that writers can’t use, you’ll save your inbox from overwhelm by only being connected with the writer/source that’s a good match for you.


Sources register as a source. They check all of the areas they have expertise in (e.g. marketing, CRO, or UX.)


Writers submit a source request. In their request, they tick the expertise needed from their source. The request only gets delivered to sources who match the expertise criteria.


Sources reach out to the writer (using the contact info provided in the request) to submit their quotes.

Don't take our word for it

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